Kick off the festive season in style

Use our iPhone app to arrange your Secret Santa gift exchange. Reveal each participant's lucky person in a secret email or get everyone together and simply pass the phone around!

  • Create Unlimited Groups

    You can create a separate group for each gift exchange, so you can have one for family, the workplace or your students.

  • Add Friends or Family

    Add participants to a group either by entering each person's name, or directly from your iPhone's address book.

  • Make The Draw

    This is the fun part. Gather everyone together and pass the phone around, or ask the elves to send each poerson an email!

Build your wishlist online!

If you choose to reveal the draw results using email, each participant will receive an email with a link to their very own online wish list center.

Here they will be able to create a wish list of gifts they'd like to receive which will help their Secret Santa choose the perfect present. They can, of course, also view their lucky person's list (which should make gift buying a little easier.)

The elves will carefully read each wish list and search the Internet for the best gifts to buy! Makes the whole thing a doddle, doesn't it?

screenshot of the online wishlist builder

Feedback & Support

If you have any problems using "Secret Santa" or would like to suggest a feature, Mike and Fiona would love to hear from you. Say hello to us at